Calvary Chapel Ministries:

The Bridge Christian Radio - A Christian radio station serving central and northern New Jersey/New York. The Bridge brings you a great mix of solid bible teaching and great contemporary worship music.

Calvary Chapel - The Calvary Chapel website is managed by the Internet Services Office of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Costa Mesa is the original Calvary Chapel out of which the other 900+ have grown. The idea is that any Bible study tapes, worship music, books, cult research, poetry, or whatever, that is placed on the website for one church, becomes a resource available to all of the other churches. There are links here to information from nearly all of the Calvary Chapel-affiliated churches and ministries.

Calvary Chapel Magazine - A magazine that gives updates of happenings through Calvary Chapel's around the world.



Calvary Chapel Bible College - A two year Bible College; teaching students the Word of God on a daily basis.

Patmos Reality Discipleship - An intense discipleship program designed for the purpose of transforming lives to be more like Christ.

U-Turn for Christ - A faith based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.


Blue Letter Bible - Bible study tools.

Faith Comes by Hearing - The Bible on audio.

Servant Quarters - The ministry of Gayle Erwin author of the Jesus Style. Website has interesting stories, humor and resources

Voice of the Martyrs - A non-profit inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to assisting the persecuted church around the world.

Worthynews - A Christian news magazine that updates news daily from around the world. - A hard-hitting, uncompromising disseminator of the news